dinsdag 16 november 2010

Stuiterballetje/ Jumping Ball

Yes, that is the nickname for our Flopke! Since autumn arrived she is really jumping up and down like a bowling ball! And I heard from her breeder she takes after her mom for that part! She loves to run after a swirling leave, and there are many in these days! She drags me through the street from time to time! Somehow she can’t calm down outside. Inside she is a sweet little puppy. Ok, she is a grown big lady, but sweet as a puppy!

During our training sessions at her school on saturday mornings it is sometimes not funny anymore. It is a parc/forest, so many leaves swirling around while I try to learn her something and somehow I can’t get her attention during that one hour a week! That means too we can’t go through with passing her second exam this december as she is just to playful. Not that I mind so much! We love training with her and she loves going to school, so when it takes longer to get her attention enough, so be it! I do love the fact that she is still so playfull and not a dull dog and does everything blindless on command. Yes, it is easier to learn such a dog a trick, but it is more fun with Flopke! You never know what is in her mind that day and what she likes to do for you! Somedays she can be amazing and walks calmly besides me, like she never does anything else than obey! But especially the part of walking with attention is her worst trick. She can leave food unattended on my hand and eat it only when I say she can, even if she has to wait for my approval a full minute! Which is very long for a dog, especially a Labrador! She passed all the rules for the exam (we were tested last saturday), but failed the part of walking with attention, aswell in the field as in a slalom, crossing other dogs. She doesn’t pay attention to the other dogs, not even when they bark at her, but she pays lots of attention to her trainer and leaves or the smells on the field! Like she needs to go hunting! O well, we will just continue our school and see if she can pass her exam by June as I will miss some training sessions due to my upcoming surgery. I can’t do heavy work for 6 weeks after that, so not training Flopke while she is pulling me around!

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