maandag 24 mei 2010

Pinksterweekend part I

Flopke’s first adventure with the town cows. They are now in a small meadow near our house, on the edge of the parc where we always go to. Flopke was quite afraid of this huge new breed of dogs. This was filmed on the way home, after a good swim party. Later on I hope to get that video ready and show you all she really can swim now! I can prove it LOL! Oh, by the way….I also added a google translator to this page, so if I write in dutch you still can understand my stories. Just now I am thinking english!

And I added also the youtube channel of Flopkes video’s. If you don’t see hers you need to refresh your screen and you will be able to see some of her videos. For all of them you click on this link: and you will be directed to her channel on youtube. I deleted her puppy videos from the first 8 weeks she was with her mommy at the breeders. If you like to see them let me know. It is a small thing to upload them again.

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